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Site Updates/Fixes

Here you will find any and all of our site updates as the site gets more things added or removed.

Link Fixes

Well I fixed the bug I was having with a couple videos that wouldn't play on Chrome:

  • Updated some video coding
  • Added a link to download the plug-in needed to watch videos on Chrome.


Okay so I finally am able to update around here and hopefully I will be able to update more often around here. Here are the Updates/Fixes:

  • Merchandise page has been/in the process of being updated
  • Merchandise links have been fixed on all pages

New site Layout

Here is the new site layout here is a list of thengs that we have taken down:

  • Eccentric Tranquillity
  • Immaculate Desire
  • Gallery
  • chat box
  • Interaction
  • Games
  • MNJ.net Email

Also instead of posting videos, I am going to provide links to various Youtube videos, and searches. Also as mentioned above if time permits I may think about bringing back the gallery, but it's a slim chance. If you would like to get in contact with me about any changes please feel free to email me HERE I am happy to answer any questions concerning the site.

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