About This Website

The Realm is a part of the MNJ.net Network, and has been completly rehauled. We have taken a lot of things down due to lack of time in the day. First thing you will notice is that Eccentric Traquillity, and Immaculate Desire are both gone as well as the Gallery...the reason for this is time we just don't have the time to keep it all up. If things ever change we may reopen the gallery, but as for right now we just can't. The tagboard is also gone...reason for this is too much spamming, and impersonating was going on. With that said enjoy the new rehauled The Realm.

New site Layout

Here is the new site layout here is a list of thengs that we have taken down:

  • Eccentric Tranquillity
  • Immaculate Desire
  • Gallery
  • chat box
  • Interaction
  • Games
  • MNJ.net Email

Also instead of posting videos, I am going to provide links to various Youtube videos, and searches. Also as mentioned above if time permits I may think about bringing back the gallery, but it's a slim chance. If you would like to get in contact with me about any changes please feel free to email me HERE I am happy to answer any questions concerning the site.
For future site updates visit HERE

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