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About Us Network is formly home to the Longest running Hardy Boyz fan site, though the URL is the same the site is far from the same. If you are here for our Hardy Boyz fan site please do NOT fret it is still here. It's part of our new Network of sites. Down side is our gallery is no longer open, the reason for this is because I don't have the time or the internet bandwidth to upload all the photos I have. You may also have noticed that the individual sites Immaculate Desire, and Eccentric Tranquillity are gone. The reason for this is really time...I have the same things on The Realm that was on both sites, so your really not losing any content.

With that said we have added a few things as well as taken somethings down. Designs is a place for me to showcase my Graphic Designs, which is all downloadable for your personal use. Some things that will be made available on Designs will be:

  • Wallpapers
  • Bookmarks
  • Gift Tags

Another new addition to the Network is Poetry, this site showcases poetry (all written by me). (NOTE: none of the poetry on the site may be used without my written consent.)

More things may be added in the future, there may be new sites added as well but as for right now there are no plans for anything else to be added. You are always welcome to make suggestions by emailing me HERE.