Welcome to MNJ.net Poetry

This is MNJ.net Poerty here you will find an assortment of different poems that I have written. I ask that you do NOT use any of my poems without my written consent. I don't write poems all the time, but I use it as an outlet. Most of my poems are written when I am mad, or depressed for whatever reason.

Seeing as I don't tend to write a whole lot this site probably won't be updated very often. If you have any comments on any of my poetry please feel free to email me at anytime HERE. I hope you enjoy your visit here and look forward to see your comments on my poetry.

Newest Poem


Upon the eyes of an Angel
Below the wings of a dove
Together we fly forever
As one in the arms of love

Soaring through heaven
Our time on earth is done
Together we fly forever
In the arms of love as one

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