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This is MNJ.net Designs, a free site to showcase and make avalible to download download custom made laptop, and desktop wallpapers made by me. Want a wallpaper but can't find what your looking for, for a only a $1.00 donation fee you can fill out our custom made form and we will make you your very own one of a kind wallpaper (custom made wallpaper(s) will NOT be made available on the site, but we have the right to post any and all custom made wallpaper(s) as a sample).

Enjoy Your Visit

Nov. 28, 2011

Okay so everything is up and running I hope you all enjoy my hard work, and I will add mosre wallpapers as I make them in my free time. I will also add some bookmarks, and gift tags as I add those as well. Thanks for stopping by and again enjoy your visit.

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